Polldaddy for iOS

Tutkimusasiakkaat, työntekijät tai jopa tuntemattomat paikalliset iPhone:lla tai iPadillasi. Polldaddy tuo välittömän palautteen voiman. Lataa sovellus ilmaiseksi the App Store:sta jo tänään.

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No More Data Re-Entry


You'll never have to pay someone to enter comment card feedback ever again: Conduct Polldaddy surveys on your iPhone and iPad. The data you collect automagically uploads to your Polldaddy.com account. Isn't that awesome?

Täydellinen katututkimukseen

Create your survey, and get on-the-spot responses on your iPhone or iPad wherever you are. (Psst: This one-to-one time is a great chance to collect anecdotal, qualitative feedback from your audience to get extra insight into your results.)

street survey

Tradeshow Interaction


Take your survey on the road! The iPad / iPhone application makes it enjoyable for tradeshow visitors to complete your survey and gives you a great opener to meet and speak with prospective customers one-to-one.

Kerää tietoja käyttäen iPadia ja iPhonea

Replace paper forms with the iPad / iPhone app and upload data seamlessly to your Polldaddy.com account. For example, use it in a dentist's office to replace paper forms. Manage signups for school clubs and activities. The possibilities are endless.

App Store
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